Why Invest in a SlimWall Fence?



Times have changed. So has fencing.

SlimWall is a designer fencing solution that can perfectly match the architectural integrity of any home.  Adaptable for level or sloping sites, it can be customised with a host of finishes, decorative slats, gates, letterboxes and lighting for a stylish modern look.

Comparison Chart

Traditional Fence

Exposed timber will always rot and twist - the timber will always need regular maintenance.
Typically takes longer to install a timber fence so can cost more with installation fees.
Gaps, splits & holes in the timber or metal offer no sufficient noise reduction qualities.

Next Generation SlimWall™

The only fence to transform your outdoor space into a stylish and relaxed oasis.
Has the strength and integrity to withstand Australia’s harshest outdoor environments & can be installed quicker.
Has proven noise reduction qualities* - up to a fourfold audible reduction.

FAQ Information

To better understand the SlimWall fencing system and why its becoming Australia's fastest growing fencing option then read the frequently asked question and answers below.

What is SlimWall made from? What are the dimensions of SlimWall? Where is SlimWall manufactured? How is SlimWall installed? What colours is SlimWall available in? How much noise does a SlimWall block out? Can I hang decorations or other products off the panel? Can the panel break if someone kicks it or hits a cricket ball into it? How long will a SlimWall fence last? Is it safe and approved to use as a pool fence? Can SlimWall retain soil? Does SlimWall come with any warranty? Is SlimWall fire-rated and wind tested? How long has SlimWall been around for?

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