Customise Your SlimWall!

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Never before has one fence held so much potential for personalisation. Check out these 10 tips to customise your SlimWall!


1. Slats

Slats are the easiest way to customise your modular wall. Aluminium slats provide a sleek, long-lasting option, whilst timber brings a natural element to the structure.


2. Letterboxes

For front fences, these are the perfect accessory! Yuu have the option of using a steel ModularWalls letterbox, or your own letterbox.


3. Integrated Lights

Lighting can transform a place, bringing romance and magic to your backyard. Entertain from dawn to dusk with lighting in your posts, like this stunning pool wall!


4. Timber Infills

Mixing raw, earthy materials is a huge design trend for 2018; create a textural interest to your SlimWall with timber infills, like this home in Melbourne, VIC.

5. Expressed Joint

Wondering how to hide the join line? Well, others are embracing it wholeheartedly! Our expressed joint offers sleek, horizontal lines that add an architectural edge to your modular wall. 


6. Laser Cut Screens

Our SlimWall allows you to add a variety of decorative elements , including laser cut decorative screens. Match your patterns to gates, front doors or your home's cladding!


7. Wrought Iron Railings

Classical design elements will always hold a timeless beauty; wrought iron railings can provide a gorgeous, classic element to your modern fence.


8. Cladding

Love the look of traditional masonry? Clad your fence in stackstone or add single feature tiles to embrace this texture within your design!


9. Tiling

As with cladding, our SlimWall accepts a tile finish also. This option is perfect for courtyards, pool fences and feature walls!


10. Vertical Garden

Go green! Use climbers, wall planters or frames of air plants, succulents or polypod ferns to create a lush garden wall. For heavier or strong climbers, such as wisteria, plant at the base of the posts, rather than in the middle of panels, to protect your fence.




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