Timber Batten Feature Walls and SlimWall are made for each other!

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Exterior design trends of 2018 have brought us into a more raw, natural realm. Following the heightened appreciation of textures, natural finishes and raw materials, timber batten feature walls have well and truly taken off within home design.

This gorgeous feature adds warmth to an area, softening hardscapes where foliage may not allow for a variety of textures. The eye-catching vertical pattern adds a contemporary, geometric feature zone, and works best against block colours that offer a contrast to the colour of the timber. The SlimWall fence, with its premium, smooth finish, is the perfect pairing for this striking feature.

Choosing a timber

When choosing the right hardwood timber, take into consideration:

  • If the feature wall needs to be strong or structurally sound
  • If the wall will be open to the elements
  • The architectural scheme of the rest of your home
  • The shades of any naturally occurring woods in your garden
  • How the timber will react to the stain you want
  • How the timber will age


Pairing it with SlimWall boundary fencing

Timber battens come with a hefty price tag. This makes them more appropriate for feature walls, rather than an entire boundary. However, pairing such a beautiful architectural feature with a cheap fence can detract from the statement it makes.

As mentioned above, timber batten feature walls work best when used in contrast to block colours and textures, such as concrete or rendered surfaces. Enter, stage left; the SlimWall!


Alongside its undeniable beauty, the SlimWall is less than half the price of brick, keeping costs down on your boundary project. The timeless design of SlimWall fencing allows it to adapt to any trend or incorporate any architectural feature. The smooth, rendered aesthetic will perfectly contrast with the vertical battens, creating a contemporary, harmonised boundary for your outdoor space.


Inspired to use vertical timber battens within your home design? Pair it with a sleek modular boundary fence for a truly stunning architectural finish.

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