Utilise every centimetre of a small backyard with SlimWall fencing

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When creating a home on a small lot, every cm² counts…so make every one beautiful with SlimWall. This new home is part of Greenhills’ land release estate, a community of designer houses on modest lot sizes. Through a few key decisions, the homeowners successfully used their entire backyard without wasting a slice of space.


SlimWall acoustic fencing

Located in a coastal environment, our clients were after a solution that wouldn’t corrode or rot. However, the wide strip footings of a rendered brick wall would shave off a sizeable chunk of their land.

SlimWall offered same durability, acoustic benefits and premium rendered look, without wasting any space to strip footings – and for half the price. 



Integrated retaining wall for plunge pool

With SlimWall's integrating retaining functions, the homeowners were amazed at how much space they were left with, enabling them to construct a stunning plunge pool and tiled decking area. 


Connected indoor-outdoor flow

The SlimWall was finished to continue the premium interior design of the home, creating a connected aesthetic into the backyard. By creative this cohesive design flow between their indoor and outdoor spaces, the clients automatically extended the size and feel of their home. The pergola created a shaded outdoor dining experience, which then organically flowed into the pool area, with custom lighting installed within the SlimWall beautifully enhancing the outdoor oasis. The backyard then became an extension of the house, creating a stronger sense of open space, fresh air and natural light.


When every centimetre counts, make every single one beautiful. Get premium, rendered aesthetics without the wide strip footings – and for a fraction of the price.

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