The Backyard Fence Fighting For Your Privacy As Lot Sizes Shrink

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We can’t deny it and we can’t ignore it; property lots are shrinking.

A recent article on reported that “The most recent Urban Development Institute of Australia State of the Land report shows the average lot size in Melbourne’s new housing market fell 20sqm to 400sqm in the last recorded year.” The article then introduced ‘shared backyards’ as the future solution for residential developers and homeowners.

But in a world with constant social demands — a customer-facing job, hot-desk workspaces or the endless notifications from Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat/your mum asking you if you’re free for dinner yet — how will shared backyards feel when you just want some privacy at the end of a long day?

Reports already suggest that the quintessential Aussie lifestyle, once full of outdoor living activities and nature-loving adventures, now features far more indoor activities and screen time, which is having a detrimental effect on our mental and emotional wellbeing. How much more are our outdoor lifestyles going to be affected if we avoid our own backyards for fear of small talk with our neighbours?

If homeowners prefer to maintain autonomy and privacy, there could be another option. ModularWalls™ has specifically designed an acoustic fencing solution for the modern home, factoring in smaller lot sizes, louder lifestyles, increased traffic noise pollution and the client’s desire for a peaceful outdoor area.

SlimWall™ is a fencing product that offers the premium aesthetics of a rendered masonry wall and the sound reduction of acoustic fencing, yet measures only 50mm thick and doesn’t require strip footings. This streamlined fencing product is the perfect option for space-weary homeowners or developers working with smaller lots, who need a noise reduction solution but can’t waste precious land space on the wide footings of masonry structures.

Shared backyards are not the future we see; keep the peace and preserve your privacy with SlimWall acoustic fencing.

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