Residential Commercial
Backyard boundary wall
SlimWall full backyard boundary fence for safety and privacy
Street-facing SlimWall fence
Perfect example of how SlimWall fencing seamlessly integrates with the existing style of the home
Pool wall with lighting
Pool boundary wall with post mounted integrated lighting
Waterfront dividing wall
Dividing wall for dream waterfront retirement home
Retaining fencing
Easily and seamlessly retainin soil up to 500mm with the specially designed SlimWall Retaining Panel
Pool wall
This elegant Slimwall fence gives the privacy all families need in their backyard.
Corner Block fencing
This SlimWall provides the style and elegance needed to finish off a total house renovation.
Beachside boundary wall
SlimWall creates a stunning border around this backyard in Greenhills Beach, NSW
Courtyard fencing
Even the smallest spaces can be transformed with a SlimWall
SlimWall backyard fence
SlimWall Backyard wall
Backyard designer wall
1800mm high SlimWall™ finished in a texture paint to match the customers rendered house.
Designer wall with slats
New designer wall that extends the design of the house
Custom Paint Finish
Recently completed dividing SlimWall with colour block painted panels
Expressed Joint
Add an architectural finish with an expressed joint
Backdrop fencing
SlimWall Fencing is the perfect backdrop against any outdoor space
SlimWall with modular gate
SlimWall with modular gate
Boundary wall
SlimWall boundary wall
Boundary wall
SlimWall Boundary Fence
Pool fencing
SlimWall Fencing ise the perfect backdrop against any pool
Pool fencing
Provide style and elegance needed to finish off a total house & pool renovation
Property boundary wall
Property boundary walls with a fresh, modern look
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